Filipino Friday 17

Hi everyone! I want to remind you all of the meet up tomorrow, Saturday, November 13 at Libreira bookstore in Cubao X, 2pm in the afternoon. Here are the details that I found about Cubao X when I searched:

Gen. Romulo St.,
Araneta Center, Cubao QC, 1109

This is the former Marikina Shoe Expo, located behind Alimall & the former Rustan’s building (which now houses Automatic Superstore & Advanced Contact Solutions Call Center), and is between the Araneta Bus Terminal & Puregold.

Entrance & Exit Gates are open to traffic as early as 9am. The Entrance gate is closed to traffic starting 10pm, & thereafter the Exit gate is for both entrance & exit for both foot & vehicular traffic.

I’m useless when it comes to directions though so if you need instructions, please leave a comment and I hope some other blogger will provide them. 🙂

For Filipino Friday, I was thinking we can talk about how blogging affects real life and vice versa. As a blogger, don’t you feel like you’re living two lives? One in the online world and the other in the physical world. I mean, how many of your real life friends and family actually read and appreciate your blog? And how many blog friends do you have that you never would’ve met if you didn’t have a blog? Do you feel like life gets in the way of blogging sometimes? Like when you want to just read and blog but of course, you have to work (to earn money to buy books). Feel free to talk about anything else you can think of related to this topic.

Those who are planning to attend tomorrow, please leave a comment to confirm. 🙂 Have a nice weekend, everyone!

ROUNDUP of reviews of books by Filipino authors:
Chachic’s Book Nook reviews Between Dinner and the Morning After by Tara FT Sering
Dark Chest of Wonders reviews Tall Story by Candy Gourlay
The Seeker reviews The Lost Language by Marianne Villanueva
Chachic’s Book Nook reviews Table for Two by Marla Miniano
Taking a Break reviews News of the Shaman by Karl R. de Mesa
Taking a Break reviews Afraid, The Best Philippine Ghost Stories


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