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Simple Clockwork

Blog Name: Simple Clockwork

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Location: Cebu, Philippines

Brief Description: Simple Clockwork aims to sort out complexities in life, love, and books. It used to be just a personal journal but it has evolved into a book blog. Through my blog, I have been receiving requests for reviews and meeting great authors. The scope of genres I cover and review includes Christian Fiction, Children’s Books, Mystery, Regency Romance, General Fiction, and Fantasy. Every now and then, I still put up personal reflections about life in general on my blog. I would love to hear from you. I hope you could drop by.

Favorite Authors: Joan Wolf, Barbara Freethy, Betty Neels, Ruth Ann Nordin, Teresa Carpenter, Ellen O’Connell, Delle Jacobs, Alyson Holman, and many more


The Bookish Pinoy

Blog Name: The Bookish Pinoy

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Location: Quezon City

Brief Description: Hi! My name is Patrick. I started bookblogging in 2009 because I thought my love for books is great enough to merit having its own blog.

My preference is the young adult and spiritual/religious genre. But you can expect to see books from my other interests too including (but not limited to) psychology, science, self-help and uh… some other not-so-serious topics too.

I still prefer real books but if I can’t acquire something in that form then I read on the Kindle.

Favorite Authors: I refuse to call them favorite authors but these are the people whom I have enjoyed reading more than a few of their books.
Young Adult: J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Jonathan Stroud
Spiritual: C. S. Lewis, Josemaría Escrivá, Scott Hahn

Bookish Mind

Blog Name: ..:bookish mind:..

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Location: Seoul, South Korea

Brief Description: This blog features sorts of books that I read.
I am very passionate about reading.
In fact, I would rather stay at home and read all day if I could.
I feel a little in panic if I see my TBRs getting lesser.

I don’t review books the way book critics would.
I simply let the readers know if I like the book or not.

It’s a Wonderful Bookworld

Blog Name: It’s A Wonderful Bookworld

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Location: Iloilo City

Brief Description: I am a desperate addict of reading and a desperately-trying-hard writer. 😀

Favorite Authors: Varies from time to time but my constant favorites are Dean Koontz, John Sandford, Jeffery Deaver, and Sidney Sheldon

One More Page

Blog Name: One More Page

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Location: Manila, Philippines

Brief Description: There’s no way I’m going to stop reading, so I figure, I should write about them! I’m no expert, just a book lover (who also wants to be a writer) who has way too many books on her to-be-read shelf.

Favorite Authors: Frank Peretti, Sarah Dessen, Ted Dekker, Camy Tang, Tosca Lee, Mira Grant


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